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Email: szolgyen@caesar.elte.hu

Room: É3.132

Phone: +36 1 372 2500 / 6320


Department of Atomic Physics

Eötvös Loránd University

Pázmány Péter street 1/A

Budapest, H-1117


GalNUC Research Group:

Bence Kocsis, Kristóf Jakovác, László Gondán, Alexander Rasskazov, Ákos Szölgyén, Barnabás Deme, Gergely Máthé and Hiromichi Tagawa

Ákos Szölgyén

PhD student

Welcome to my website!

I am Ákos Szölgyén, a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. My doctoral advisor is Bence Kocsis. I am enrolled in the Particle Physics and Astronomy program of the Doctoral School of Physics at Eötvös.

My fields of interest include:

  • physics of black holes
  • stellar dynamics of galactic nuclei and globular clusters
  • gravitational-wave astrophysics
  • mathematical aspects of general relativity

I am a member of GalNUC Astrodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Research Group which is funded by an ERC Starting Grant and led by Bence Kocsis at Eötvös. The group does research on topics related to galactic dynamics, dense stellar systems, physics of compact objects, and statistical mechanics.

With Bence Kocsis, we investigate the black hole populations of galactic nuclei and globular clusters. We developed a program in order to simulate the longterm interactions of stellar mass black hole orbits under the gravitational influence of the central super massive black hole in the galactic nucleus. Our results showed that an anisotropic mass segregation appears for a multi mass black hole population. A similar effect is seen in globular clusters with direct N-body simulations.

Between 2013 and 2017, I was a member of the international LIGO Scientific Collaboration as well as the Hungarian LIGO group named Eötvös Gravity Research Group. I was working on a global optimization of gravitational-wave detector networks with my supervisor Peter Raffai. I summarized this work in my BSc thesis and in a refereed paper which was published in 2017. During LIGO's first observing run, I was among those collaboration advocates who were responsible for monitoring LIGO data quality and gravitational wave detection alerts. I participated in several working seminars, telecons, meetings, and I gave numerous introductory talks on gravitational waves. I was also responsible for developing the Hungarian LIGO website.

SciShow Space featuring our work about black hole disks

With Nobel laureate Prof. Rainer Weiss

at 2016 LIGO Meeting, Pasadena:

Ákos Szölgyén, Bence Bécsy, Gergely Dálya,

and Péter Raffai